Only One Thing Cures In​/​Humanity

by Statement / Inhumane Nature

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released October 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Nothing But A Nightmare Garden Grove, California

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Track Name: Statement - Sixth Extinction
Miracle of life has been betrayed
By a species gone mad
Oceans of acid skies black as death
Unending ecocide
Weather gone insane, Rivers dry as a bone Air not fit to breathe

We are the poison, We are the sickness
Our life is madness, We cannot survive this

Told what to eat, Told what to buy
Brain washed by media
Too much technology
Natural world is a memory
Erasing our humanity
Consumer clones, Mindless killer drones
A waste of flesh and bone
Destroy all we touch
Compassion lost on us, It’s too late to learn

We are the poison, We are the sickness
Our life is madness, We cannot survive this

Evolution is undone
we are the sixth extinction

Lifeless world, No Escape
A dead Gaia, New Pangea
Evolution is undone
We are the sixth extinction
Track Name: Statement - Limits of Compassion
I’ve screamed myself a raw voice for the innocent
Sacraficed my body, My feedom
To stop these cruel acts
Innocents act by instinct, Humans calculate Once you’ve been educated
There’s nothing to debate

A moral baseline to judge your life
Are you vegan? As simple as that

Your choice, Their life

There is no debate, I will not argue,
I’ve had enough

Your life, Your choice

I’ve tried a thousand fuckin times
To open up your eyes
For those who reufuse to change
The victims will have their day
Track Name: Statement - Kill Mode
In the darker eons
This species crawled from the dirt
Born of greed, evil, and lies
Human hands only take and destroy

Industries of flesh societal madness
We face a cruel reality
Only one thing cures humanity
The cries haunt my every breath
Silence will only come with our species end

Every bloody hand, Every bloody stained lip

It’s not revenge, The murder will end
With my hands, With my hands

Every bloody hand, Every blood stained lip

What will it finally take
To end the human race
How many crimes, How many times
Do we just stand by

Expell the parasites
Free the Earth from the disease
The Earth will never be free
Until we end humanity
Track Name: Statement - End the Cycle
The truth we dare not speak
The destroyer of all living beings
Too many mouths, too many feet
Born to exploit, Given no choice

A child you claim to love
Forced on this cruel world

It’s not the child that is to blame
It’s your choice that cursed their life
Ethics ignored despite the facts
Selfishly acting for their love

A child you claim to love
Forced to become a disease

Don’t breed a human life
End the cycle with your life
Track Name: Inhumane Nature - Static Screams / Deafening Silence

We haven’t seen a day of freedom, but I think these things can change. But if we keep waiting for that day to come, that day will come too late. For when the sky breaks open, and bleeds from blue to grey, the
silence will be broken by the static and screams of those who remain. The static and screams of those who remain, the static and screams of those who remain. Poison seeps through everything, our tears can’t wash the filth away. The static and screams of those who remain, the static and screams of those who remain, the static and screams of those who remain. Watch the world deteriorate until no ones left to make a change.


Violence increasing like never before
Uncaring we advert our eyes
As we continue to slave and slowly pave
Over bodies of countless lives,
Countless lives.

Silence increasing for lack of the words
To describe our sorrow inside
And where words disappear,
The things we fear,
Devour and conquer our lives
Nothing survives

We’ve lost so much inside it seems as if we’re losing touch in time we might find the only reply to our screaming will be the
echoing through a dead world that fades to a deafening silence

We stare right through all life
As if it doesn’t exist
Faceless two dimensional portraits of sentient living beings swaying helplessly to the sound of a deafening silence

Prepare... for the deafing silence
Track Name: Inhumane Nature - Last Breath
No hope in sight the reality of our plight Leads us ever deep in despair
How much more can be taken
Until there’s nothing left
And though our pain we keep restrained
To cohere and coalesce
This lurid sense of complacency
Can only mean our end, mean our end

What’s left when this pretence of freedom fades? Will we cling to our bondage just to keep things all the same? The breast of this slave-ship culture from which we feed
Excretes a bitter substance that poisons our

Lies, woven through the fabric of our lives lulls us to sleep. Promising us warmth while depriving us of the very things we need. It cripples as it nurtures, it festers as it heals, it’s gift leaves less than nothing, it blinds as it reveals.

Deceitful smile, A butcher’s kiss
An endless fall, To black abyss

Blackened sky, Devoid of light
Whispers for truth, In endless night
A raven’s song, Our requiem
Heralds the end, And our last breath

Now with no hope in sight,
The reality of our plights
Leads us ever deep in despair
How much more can be taken
Until there’s nothing left
Despondent times will stir the mind
To assail these bitter days
To resist with every breath of life
Until nothing of shadows remain
Track Name: Inhumane Nature - Disintegration
Ashes to ashes dust to dust
And there’s no forgiveness
For the sins that we construct
Empires rise then burn to the ground
And no one can save us from ourselves,
From ourselves

This mass acceptance of the vicious cirlce
Is a cycle we can’t escape
The intrinsic flaws of faith and laws
Only perpetuates our own decay

Now we’re doomed to repeat this history
While nothing is learned
From the shackles of helotry
We just point to our excuses
And wonder what went wrong
Or just collapse with our heads in our hands
As tears fall to the same old fucking song

Just rot away, In this slow decay
Suffering endlessly, As we disintegrate